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Juan Kerr-A Blog-Standard Mix

February 24, 2009
No joy.

No joy.

Here’s a mix by a friend of mine done on Ableton. Like my goodself, he hasn’t mastered the art of this fine software to blend the tracks perfectly, but that’s alot of shite anyway and it’s all music, eh? This should help ease in the new season and also sprinkle a little sunshine in your life. Grab the mix HERE.


1 ) Junior Boys – Parallel Lines
2 ) The Jellies – Jive Baby on a Saturday Night
3 ) The Laughing Light of Plenty – Mother for you
4 ) Fol Chen – The Believers
5 ) Magazine – thank you falletinme be mice
6 ) Todd Terje and Prins Thomas – Reinbagan
7 ) The Laughing Light of Plenty – The Rose
8 ) Harry Thumann – Sphinx
9) Dennis Parker – New York by night
10 ) 16 Bit – where are you?
11 ) Bangkok Impact – Junge Damne mit Freundliche Tel
12 ) Mathias Aguayo – Walter Neff
13 ) Hot Chip – Don’t Dance
14 ) Alden Tyrell and David Vunk – Lord of the Cockrings
15 ) In Flagranti – Business Acumen (Holy Ghost mix)
16 ) Betty Botox – Impossible Dreams

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