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John Hospital – Truant (Pest Control)

February 24, 2009

Another offer to take a ride in Pest Control’s Delorean back to the 80s comes from John Hospital’s ‘Truant EP’.

Pest Control tell us that the EP is “an unreservedly stark glimpse into the weathered soul of a man who has known more good times and bad than many of us would ever care to dream of”, and they aren’t far off the mark with such an honest claim. The EP boasts a confident roar of intelligence and experience to the electro genre: this is what Calvin Harris wishes he sounded like.

But unfortunately for young Calvin, some things in life seem to improve with age. The Truant EP takes a good look at past hits, wipes off the ugly parts, and we’re left with a nice and shiny reference for the future.

Opening track, ‘Shades’, is a slow burner, a bit shy on introducing its full self you could say. It’s worth the wait however, with wide-as-the-Clyde synth pads waiting in the shadows to reveal the EP’s potential.

John Hospital - Truant

John Hospital - Truant

Done’ is the EP’s real introduction however, with the pulsating bass providing the solid backbone it duly requires.

‘Robort’ is the real gem of the EP. The acidic arpeggios, flowing synth melodies, and that snare drum with enough reverb it’s bordering on a Bon Jovi mullet rebirth, are a great combination in showcasing what a modern disco record should sound like.

The wisely named ‘Serenade’ is probably one for the return journey with Doc to present day. A slightly more down tempo number, the song provides a sombre yet elegant exit to the record.

Overall, it’s another winner. For Pest Control and John Hospital, it’s a badge of merit. For Calvin, it’s about as painful as a swift kick to the baws.

90-second previews of the track can be downloaded here.

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