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Huntleys and Palmers returns!

July 13, 2009

Courtesy of Alison Hastie

Courtesy of Alison Hastie

Our pal Andy that steadies the good ship Huntleys & Palmers offers a diverse lineup featuring some Scottish talent as well as a pervy, French bloke.

Huntleys & Palmers Audio Club presents

KRIKOR (Kill The DJ / Tigersushi)
LINKWOOD (Firecracker Recordings)
DOLLSKABEAT (Optimo Music)

Saturday 1st August

Renfield Lane



Taking over from where we left off with the insanely packed Aeroplane night, we return to Stereo with a sterling line-up to kick off yet another season of discerning guests. Here, each guest should top the bill in their own right…

Krikor (aka France Copland) has been a favourite of ours for a few years now. Yet another talented Parisian, amongst other things, his edit of Q Lazarus’ Goodbye Horses became a firm H&P favourite after its release on our mutual D.I.R.T.Y. chums label and introduced a classic to a new audience. Proving diversity to being the key, his debut album with the fictional ‘Dead Hillbillies’ has been on heavy rotation over the past weeks and is his finest work to date – drawing from a range of influences including Throbbing Gristle, Prince, Nick Cave, rockabilly, new wave, disco and morphing them into something special.

Dollskabeat’s Zodiac Rising is easily one of the best things we’ve heard this year – a mighty slab of minimal synth greatness, reminiscent of Chris & Cosey, it’s guaranteed to have you dancing. Hailing from Edinburgh, she recorded a live session as the BBC’s Scottish ‘Artist to Watch for 2008’, following airplay on 6Music and Radio 1. Dollskabeat plays vintage synths and drum machines. She performs with her live 4 piece Dollska-band…

A member of the band is the super-talented Nick Moore, AKA Linkwood who’s production on one of our favourite Scottish labels, Firecracker, have been causing a storm throughout the house scene with sublime tracks such as Miles Away and Piece of Mind. He’ll be playing some great records – look no further than the recent Resident Advisor mix for further proof.

Only a simpleton would miss this.

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