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Donde Está Bibliotheque, Pedro?

June 30, 2009


My love for Spain goes way past the food(except Madrid!), the women, the football, the booze, the lifestyle and so on, and Latin-tinged music has always been something I’ve been into since I was young. Below is a selection of house records with Latin producers and/or Latin themes.

Ricardo Villalobos-Waiworaino

Played this tune out so many times, I just don’t tire of it. Some of the “Minimal” heads might roll their over-dilating eyes at Senor Villalobos for this non-electronic beast. But fuck them.

DJ Sneak-You Can’t Hide from Your Bud

Slice of jackin’, jazzy house from the fat man Sneak. Pretty much summer music, and seen as it’s a heatwave or whatever, this should help warm those cockles to sweaty proportions.

Liaisons Dangereuses – Los Ninos Del Parque (Ron Hardy re-edit)

The dreaded re-edit…but not to fear, this one was made long ago when the disco Diva/Don? was still alive. Long before all this unnecessary re-editing of  classic tunes. And long before it became cool to re-edit. Choppy and rough. Yes.


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