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Something for the weekend #4

June 5, 2009


Another weekend is upon us here in Dundee, here is a few tunes to get it gaun:


Here we have the KING of the MPC with another posthumous release off the great Jay $tay Paid album. Here Dilla shows he can be gritty with production as well as making polished efforts. Tracks like these show how much of an influence he is on modern producers like Samiyam & Flying Lotus.

Lamont Dozier-Going Back To My Roots

Discovered this a couple of years ago, then forgot about it till I scanned my external HD recently. Dozier was a Motown associate, and this can be heard here. A classic track from 1977, quality percussion with a piano riff present in so many house records from the 90’s. And when the backing vocals seep in, it’s a wrap.

Change-The End

Not sure if this is the same Change that made the classic Lovely Lady, but this is a good song nonetheless. Italo seems to be everywhere recently, most of it though is half-arsed new shit made by anyone with a copy of Reason/Ableton. But as with most things, the original is always better. Don’t know alot about this track other than it’s fucking good. Peachy, shameless, cheesy synths ahoy-hoy.

Toddla T-Better

Easily the best song off Toddla’s latest album. Fitting it’s the last track on the album too. The album itself is full of dancehall, some DnB, Hip-Hop and this track, which is more RnB/Pop orientated. Toddla waxes about how his life has changed in the last 12 months due to his whirlwhind rise. The production reminds me of early 90’s RnB(Zhane anyone?)which is a pleasant change to alot that is on offer just now. The fact there is an Auto-Tune at some points in this tune doesn’t put me off either.


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