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NEW mix for download-Meth Disco

May 26, 2009

Meth Disco

My pal  has done a  mix featuring some interesting artists like Eno, Chloe and the affable Animal Collective.  Link after the tracklist. Enjoy.

  1. Tuxedomoon- The Waltz
  2. Brian Eno- In Dark Trees
  3. Principles of Geometry- Golem
  4. Moderat- A New Error
  5. Brassica- The Centre
  6. J. P. Decerf, G. Zajd & T. Cerrona- Black Safari
  7. Whomadewho- Raveo
  8. New Look- So Real
  9. Sebastien Tellier- L’Amour et la Violence (Allure mix)
  10. The Glimmers- Music For Dreams
  11. Desire- Under Your Spell
  12. The Chap- The Health of Nations
  13. The Big Pink- Velvet (Gang Gang Dance mix)
  14. Tones On Tail- Twist
  15. The Tropics of Cancer- Mood Swings
  16. Thick Business- Smoothest Runes
  17. Animal Collective- No More Runnin’
  18. Chloe- Paradise

Meth Disco

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