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Top Ten Richie Hawtin Ideas

May 18, 2009

To alot of people, Richie Hawtin is seen as a demigod. He runs the extremely successful Minus Records label and his career has spanned almost 3 decades. He also has the pleasure of playing to a new crowd in a different country each and every week he chooses..But he’s not immune from criticism.

As the years have went on, Richie has rightly so tried to take his music to a different level, evolving as the technology has advanced. But through this time he has came out with some outrageous ideas, so much so that even his die hard fans were saying:

“Please Richie, stop with this idiocy and sort your barnet out

The good folks over at FACT Magazine have compiled a top ten list of Herr Hawtin’s wildest and silliest ideas. Here is an example:

Minus Beach Towel

Minus Beach Towel


“Get your 2 squaremeters of MINUS!!!

Frottee Beachtowel with big M[-]NUS lettering embedded into the fabrics surface

– Great quality: 500g/sqm
– Size: 100x200cm
– Color: white/white

The real tragedy is the amount of people we saw buying them at Sonar 2006.

For more toe-curling escapades from Messrs Hawtin, Vath et al, check  FACT Magazine’s Top Ten Hawtin Ideas.

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