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Music to study to

April 9, 2009

Luckily for me I do not have any exams (‘mon the Art School) but for thousands of students this is the most dreaded time of year, EXAMS.

I have put together a few mixes that helped me through uni work the past few weeks. Nothing to intense. Some of the descriptions are wanky but the music is real good.

Minimalist Discovery & Post-Abstract Innovation
One hour of soundscapes, drones, ambience and minimalist post-abstract innovation chosen by Rob Booth from the excellent Electronic Explorations show.

NSD – episode #04 – Marcia Blaine presents… Rose + Sandy LIVE/DJ Mix
From the essential North South Divide podcasts. A dreamy mix of minimal trippy soundscapes.
Check out other NSD podcasts here.

Pivot – Cosmic Gods of Synth Podcast
Double post but fits in real nice with the rest of this post.

J Dilla – Midnight Snack
A lovely blend of instrumental jazz influenced Dilla beats.

Samoyed – Always From This Point
Lovely beatless CD by Dundee based producer Samoyed. Numbers are limited but catch em while you can here. Be sure to check out his myspace page and all.

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