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Sleep Mix

March 28, 2009
Solar System

Solar System

I have a playlist on my iTunes called Sleepy, it’s made up of ambient, folk-y, IDM type stuff, so I thought I’d get Ableton on the go and do a “mix” of sorts with some of the tunes that help me get to sleep.

1. Samoyed-Making Snow

2. Brian Retzell & Roger J Manning-Shibuya

3. Headless Heroes-Hey, Who Really Cares?

4. Joe Hisihashi-The Merry-go-round of Life

5. Brian Eno-Another Green World

6. Grizzly Bear-Granny Diner

7. Mogwai-Now You’re Taken

8.  Scott Walker-Boy Child

9. Fleet Foxes-Meadowlark

10. Boards of Canada-Over the Horizon Radar

11. Philip Glass-Truman Sleeps

12. Boards of Canada-Dawn Chorus

13.  Team Sleep-Ever

14. Fever Ray-Triangle Walks

15. Jesus and the Mary Chain-Just Like Honey

16. Icasol-Ongou

17. Belle & Sebastian-If You’re Feeling Sinister


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