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Sleaze Records

February 27, 2009
Sleaze Records

Sleaze Records

The firmly established techno night SLEAZE has been delivering sweat-drenched electronic sounds to Glasgow and Paisley for 2 years now. Starting off in their night in momentous rave-cave also known as Club 69, the lads that run the night, the gorgeously named Hans Bouffmhyre and Jean Ramesse(both names are on their birth certificates)have also began to make waves in the music industry on further levels with their own production work and now their own imprint, Sleaze Records.

In what seems like a natural progression for most DJ’s to turn Promoter to Producer and to now upping labels and getting their own voice for their music, Hans & Jean have done, perhaps, more in the short time since the label started than most independant labels will ever do.

One key point in their instant nod of the hat from thestashbox is the support they have had for their tracks. People like Pete Tong has rinsed their music on Radio 1, Umek has played their stuff, the talented James Zabiela has given them kudos for their work, and probably the crown jewel on the Sleaze Records crown is that Troy Pierce (at new year and in Florence no less) AND Richie Hawtin have played Sleaze Records tracks out to their baying crowds. If that isn’t instant gratification or a job well done thus far, then I’ll eat my New Era hat with the mandatory sticker still on it too.

Having had everyone from Andrew Weatherall to JD Twitch(I had the pleasure of being at this night and it was wall to wall of sweaty bodies) to Radio Slave and more at Club 69, the lads decided(having flirted with other venues previously)to head for bigger and brighter things and head along the M8 to try out various Glasgow venues such as the underground stalwart, The Soundhaus, and this weekend they are playing thestashbox favorite Stereo.

Their latest release offers 5 tracks on an ep by Simon Stokes titled “Water Rocket”. The title track reminded me of an old but deadly record on Bedrock by Guy Gerber called “Stoppage Time”.  It builds nicely with a melodic kick that would have club punters glued to the dancefloor. My favorite offering of the 5 is the B-Side “Caged”, remixed by Sleaze’s very own Jean Ramesse. Flirting between deep house and progressive house, the hypnotic ability of this song will have you rubbing your eyes whilst still trying to elbow people out of the way on the dancefloor. Fans of Sonar Kollektiv take note.

This record along with all of their releases can be bought HERE.

Next on the horizon for duo are some new releases from artists from Japan to Italy, more ear crunching nights wherever they lay their hat , more gigs across Europe for Hans & Jean and last but not least, we hope for some more general sleazyness.

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  1. Allan Carruthers permalink
    February 27, 2009 4:15 pm

    Had some cracking nights at SLEAZE over the last couple of years, really has gone from strength to strength – the first night JD Twitch played was one of the best nights Ive had.


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