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A Donkumentary

February 22, 2009
Ryan Donk

Ryan Donk

A baffling but none-the-less thriving scene thats kicked off in North England (Burnley, Bolton, Wigan) that sees people churn out 150BPM tracks with the local scallies “rapping” over the top.

This wee interesting documentary gives a quick insight into how it all began and who the key players are. But if you ask me, Glasgow(I can’t comment on the rest of Scotland) has had this scene for years in the shape of Happy Hardcore. At one point the interviewer compares it to the “punk scene” of the late 70’s early 80’s.

All I have to say to the guy narrating and interviewing is to get up to Glasgow, get on a bus leaving from Renfield Street heading towards Pollok, Easterhouse, -Insert-another-scheme-here to see it in full effect. Not only does the music sound the same but the protagonists dress like they are from Glasgow.

You have been warned.

Enough waffling, click HERE FOR THE DONKUMENTARY


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