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Detroit Pt.3

January 29, 2009
Amp Fiddler

Amp Fiddler

A key player in maintaining Detroit’s status as the key musical city this dear planet has to offer goes by the name of Joseph Fiddler, but to us mere mortals he is known as Amp Fiddler.

Having made a name for himself in the mid 80’s with the band Enchantment, he shot to prominent fame in the noughties with his fabulous debut album Waltz of a Ghetto Fly.

Having honed his skills among some of the biggest funk, soul and jazz artists ever, Prince, George Clinton and Moodymann, to name but a few, his first full album was the one that caught my ear. Having been recommended the album by a friend that has his musical finger in many musical pies, it was love from the first listen. The smooth braggadocio lyrics combined with the slick production made me feel as if I walking down a sun drenched street with not a care in the world, even though I would most likely have been traipsing through Glasgows city centre avoiding the crowds and trying not to get soaked by the ever present shit weather.

It wasn’t long before Amp was on tour supporting the album and having noticed he had been booked for Glasgows infamous Sub Club venue, I knew it was a must I went along to see the man himself. I remember the day well, having being in my friends flat before it having a few beers, I managed to persuade 3 friends who had never heard or seen the guy in their life to part with £10 to come out on a school night to a gig they might not like. The night itself was fantastic, Amp played for a while in this intimate venue, controlling the crowd with ease, his laidback demeanor and ridiculous keyboard skills, he had the crowd eating out his hand. He also had the wonderful Stephanie McKay as part of his backing band, and also the immense Gilles Peterson Dj-ing before and after him. It is safe to say this was one of the best nights of 2004 for me, and the friends that hadn’t heard this guy before were blown away by it so much that they actually bought the album the next day from Fopp!

Check his Myspace for updates and info.

Amp Fiddler-Superficial


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