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January 27, 2009


Falkirk is synonomous with landmark battles involving William Wallace ,  the Falkirk Wheel and for being home to the chain smoking legend that is Russell Latapy for the past few years.

Two guys that hail from this sleepy place are now on the road to some nice things armed with their laptop, guitar and bass. Although they have since relocated to the join Glasgows fledgling music scene, the duo have made the right connections with the right people such as Jim Gellately and Vic Galloway, who are both big fans of their work.

Sixpeopleaway have been causing a stir in the past couple of years on the underground scene making melodic and warming music. Taking influences from people as such as Fourtet to Green Day to Biffy Clyro to Radiohead, the duo take fractions of each influence and glue them together to create their own blend of  alternative electronic music.

They have already played at the Wickerman Festival, and also at the fantastic Hydro Connect  festival, which they shared a bill with none other than Bjork and fellow Scottish muses, Mogwai.

Having already secured a gig in Glasgows affable Brel on the 27th of January, they also have a few live releases in the pipeline for free which are worth looking out for.

Their most recent realease, If.Then.Else,  is a 3 track release, and my pick of the trio is the lovely Say It’s Simple, sounding similar to Bill Callahan(Smog), the guitar sets the tone nicely from the offset and the haunting vocals from Alistair Merrick brings the song together perfectly.

To find out more about the duo, click here.

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