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Detroit Pt.2

January 23, 2009

Detroit has heralded countless influential music artists for decades; from Del Shannon to Juan Atkins to Amp Fiddler and many more encompassing every genre of music that you can think of.

Drexciya or Scuba Steve?

Drexciya or Scuba Steve?

In recent times the electronic movement in Detroit has been credited with having a major impact on the world electronic scene and there is no better example of this impact running on schedule with the institution that is Drexciya.

Starting out in the early 1990’s, the duo made up of Gerald Donald (Dopplereffekt, Der Zyklus, Arpanet) and the late James Stinson began their career on Shockwave records and then began releasing on the much praised Underground Resistance and again moving on to other labels like the mighty Warp records (their classic Journey Home was released on this label in 1995), and also Rephlex (Aphex Twin’s label). Their obsession with the ocean and aquatic life was second only to their plausible resentment and malcontent of the African slaves being thrown overboard from the ships and this was evident in their name and in the naming of tracks and albums.

Their 808 drums and bubbling melodies are unmistakable to the trained ear and their influence on modern day producers like Rustie or Claro Intelecto is so evident its beyond flattering.

Their impact on peoples lives is such that even to this day the music of Drexciya is still being played out by DJ’s worldwide on a regular basis and in some cases there is even special nights dedicated to that 90’s Detroit sound that they have became so well known for.

Having only discovered them myself in the past few years or so, upon hearing their music its clear to me that even though this music was released years ago, it is still extremely fresh and accessible for any techno, electro or even a house night. Such was their secretive nature and refusal of the limelight (so much so that they wore masks when being interviewed), even Bill O’Reilly would have been endeared with the duo’s stances and beliefs.

For more information and in depth conversation about Drexciya and associated artists check:


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  1. ERRL FLNN permalink*
    January 23, 2009 4:19 pm

    Great Stinson tribute mix here.

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