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Tokyo Knife Attack (Pest Control Records)

January 19, 2009

Glasgow is renowned in the UK, if not the continent, for its extensive musical input which span all areas of the creative spectrum. To learn that another label has joined the masses to dirty its hands in the city’s cultured scene may seem a tad risky given the extent of copycats and (dare I say) talentless artists that lurk within the shadows of social networking sites today (I’m looking at your lot, Tom).

On a more optimistic and refreshing note, however, there is one label that has decided to take matters into their own hands and eradicate the plague; the aptly named Pest Control Records.

First out the toy box is 80’s synth pop outfit Tokyo Knife Attack, who’s ‘Circuitcism EP’ is released on January 20th. The man behind the music is Craig Bell, a local boy who first created music by “putting cassette recorders inside cardboard boxes and battering them with wooden spoons”. It’s perhaps evolved a fair bit from then, but the idea behind the technique is still there. Listening to tracks like ‘Too Much Information’, with it’s healthy dose of 808s and oil-greased basslines, it’s not too difficult to imagine rolling up those suit jacket sleeves and hooking up Space Invaders to the colour TV. But before I get too nostalgic on the matter, the EP does breathe a hint of present day; ‘Interstellar’ is a track that pulls you back into 2009 by remembering what the foundations of good songwriting is – something that moves you, not the amount of cyber-friends you have. Tokyo Knife Attack is a product aimed to get our ears excited once again.

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  1. January 22, 2009 12:49 am

    Our first ever review ….and a very well written one at that. Much appreciated lads Thank you very much. Very interesting blog….More power to the stashbox .

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