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P for Pyromania Mix

January 17, 2009


Squarepusher? Dopplereffekt? Philip Glass? Frankie Goes to Hollywood? All on one mix? Hard to believe but these 4 artists mentioned make up part of this wonderful and interesting mix.

P For Pyromana by Paul Bendoris drifts in and out of mellow tones to almost gothic like sounds. This kind of mix is normally something most people would put on to help push themselves towards the Land of Nod. Personally I can’t help myself and keep going back to it over and over; whether it be for the walk to class or listening to before a night out , this mix has seen me through.

The use of clever samples throughout the mix helps solidify its unique appeal. Even the over-rinsed Donnie Darko samples fit with a seamless fashion. It apparantly took 4 months of editing in Ableton to create this mix such is its intricacy, but we’re glad the work was put in because this mix really is fantastic.

P For Pyromania Mix

01. Bauhaus – The Three Shadows (Part 1)

02. Squarepusher – Vacuum Garden

03. Jerry Goldsmith – Basic Instinct OST – Main Theme

04. Dopplereffekt – Compactification

05. Rimsky Korsakov – Scheherazade (The Tale of the Kalendar Prince)

06. Peter Gabriel – Mother Of Violence

07. Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Snatch Of Fury

08. Gustav Holst – Saturn, The Bringer Of Old Age

09. Radio Massacre International – What’s The Point Of Going To Crete? (Intro)

10. Del Nileppez – Yawriats Ot Nevaeh

11. Steve Reich – Electric Counterpoint

12. Bjork – Being John Malkovitch OST – Amphibian

13. Carter Burwell – Being John Malkovitch OST – Puppet Love

14. Fila Brazillia – July 23

15. Santo & Johnny – Sleepwalk

16. Claude Debussy – Prelude To The Afternoon Of A Faun

17. Toyah – The Helium Song

18. Michael Andrews – Donnie Darko OST – Waltz In The 4th Dimension

19. Michael Andrews – Donnie Darko OST – Liquid Spear Waltz

20. The Stranglers – Aural Sculpture Manifesto

21. Sleep Research Facility – Nostromo (C-Deck)

22. Metromotion – Tradition

23. Michael Andrews – Cypher OST – Main Theme

24. Pekka Pohjola – Sekoilu Seestyy (The Madness Subsides)

25. John Williams – Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets OST – Prologue

26. Trevor Jones – Dark City OST – Emma

27. Gustav Holst – Neptune, The Mystic

28. Philip Glass – The Truman Show OST – Raising The Sail

29. Philip Glass – The Truman Show OST – Truman Sleeps

30. Nick Drake – Things Behind The Sun

Samples (In order of appearance, some appear more than once):

“Wheel Of Love” quote from the movie “Kama Sutra” – computer-generated (same quote appears in French later)
Excerpts from “Welcome To The Pleasuredome” by Frankie Goes To Hollywood.
“Trousers Of Time” quote from the Terry Pratchett novel “Men At Arms” – computer-generated.
“Pattern of Numbers” quote from the Douglas Adams novel “Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency” – read by Douglas Adams.
Excerpt from “Sea Of Tears” by Goldie.
“Processes” quote from a article on code-injection – computer-generated.
“Answering Machine” sample from the song “Empire” by Queensryche.
“Chinese Curses” – computer-generated.
“Carter Burwell Explains” excerpt from Being John Malkovitch OST.
“John Peel” excerpt from BBC Radio 1 archives.
“Baby Laugh” samples from personal archive.
“28 Days” excerpt from the movie “Donnie Darko”.
“Is There Anything Else” excerpt from the movie “Cypher”.
“Jabberwocky” by Lewis Carroll – read by Joanna Lumley.

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