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Detroit Pt.1

January 15, 2009

Fifty years is a long time for any business to be operating. Fifty years for a record company to stay afloat and become an extremely successful and world famous brand is nothing short of miraculous; we are of course talking about the legendary Motown-Tamla Records Corporation.

Started out by Berry Gordy in the Motor City also known as Detroit (hence the labels name) in 1959 with a $800 loan from his family, the following success was something Mystic Meg would struggle to predict. Creating the label Tamla Records after penning songs for Jackie Wilson and others, Gordy had one finger in the musical pie, but he wanted more.

The outcome was this wonderful label that has blessed the world with some of the finest pop and soul songs ever to be released. The following year in 1960 he created the Motown Record Corporation. Both labels released fine R&B and soul music for almost 3 decades until they merged in 1988. From then on in the label has released music by the Grammy-grabbing Boyz II Men, Neo Soul Queen Erykah Badu and the Hip Hop luminary Q-Tip.

If you haven’t heard the name Motown or Tamla (if so, shame on you) you will most certainly have heard their releases and know not only the faces of some of their acts but their names too.

* The Supremes
* Stevie Wonder
* Smokey Robinson
* Marvin Gaye
* Q-Tip
* The Four Tops
* The Temptations
* The Jackson 5

All of the above are nothing but a scoop of some of their well known roster. Their impact on music and popular culture is immeasurable.

To talk more in depth about Motown/Tamla Records and also the wonderful music city that is Detroit would no doubt see me producing a novel’s worth of praise and insight, but I wont bore you with all that.

This article is an ode to Detroit and also to Motown/Tamla Records for blessing us with an eternal library of fantastic music.

The Supremes-My World Is Empty Without You


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